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Schools should add psychology as a basic and mandatory subject.

I believe that psychology should become a basic and mandatory course for all schools and all grades. My primary reason is that psychology helps people open their minds and live happier. There are many ways a psychologist accomplishes this. Studying psychology helps the student learn more about the human mind and how it operates. Just to be clearer in what I'm trying to say, some of the mandatory courses in schools are: math, science, language and social studies. Now compare each of those 4 courses individually to psychology, weighing the benefits of each. The only course I found that is more essential for a person than psychology is language. But besides that being obvious, why should math or science or social studies be mandatory and psychology not be? The only reason I find any course should be mandatory is that it makes life and coexisting with others easier. I personally can't find any reason why studying psychology shouldn't be mandatory in schools, can you?


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    Dec 13 2012: One of the primary issues here that I see with integrating psychology into the curriculum is that psychology is not necessarily used in all fields. Sure, perhaps it does make us more content with the world around us, but what value would that have on society as a whole? We have a whole bunch of happy people; how can that help our country become a better country? Psychology is an interesting subject, but my question is: How would integrating it into the curriculum produce the same effects that the other "core areas" attempt to?
    • Dec 13 2012: "We have a whole bunch of happy people; how can that help our country become a better country?"

      Are you serious? What is your idea of "better" if happy does not qualify?
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        Dec 13 2012: Sorry, I forgot to specify economically, politically, socially better on the global scale.

        A psychology class is not mandatory to make someone happy in life. What I consider "true happiness" is when people believe that they are living their lives to the fullest and are content with the world, regardless of global conditions.
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      Dec 13 2012: The point of any education is to provide tools and knowledge essential to survival and coexisting with life in general. I find that psychology provides us with the tools and knowledge to be successful beyond the superficial sense of getting money and being able to buy a lot of things. Psychology helps build a more confident and rational human, that is why I believe anyone from any age can and should study this subject. Obviously any ten year old will not be able to understand Sigmund Freud's deepest and most controversial ideas, but like any subject the student will gradually with the years grow with it and then will be able to advance in psychology. If happiness is not what people actually seek in life, then what is it?

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