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Is the universe a computer simulation

Scientists have decided that they can test to see whether or not the universe is a simulation being run by some advanced civilization.

"Essentially, Savage said that computers used to build simulations perform "lattice quantum chromodynamics calculations" - dividing space into a four-dimensional grid. Doing so allows researchers to examine the force which binds subatomic particles together into neutrons and protons - but it also allows things to happen in the simulation, including the development of complex physical "signatures", that researchers don't program directly into the computer. In looking for these signatures, such as limitations on the energy held by cosmic rays, they hope to find similarities within our own universe."

Basically, if the simulated universe shares certain unintended, unprogrammed similarities with our universe, then our universe may be a simulation.

What I don't quite understand is - why isn't vice-verca a more realistic scenario? That is, if the simulation shares certain similarities with our universe, maybe it's just a good simulation?



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  • Dec 13 2012: "Is the universe a computer simulation"

    If it is there's no way for us to ever find out, that's also true if it isn't a computer simulation because quantized space can also be just th way nature works and a localized tesselation algorithm that kicks in at very high energies could mask quantized space in a simulation, so you can debate about it all you want but you'll never get an answer.

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