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Donation or Change?

There are two ways to tackle CO2 emissions 1) Awareness 2) Economics
1) I have chosen awareness because there is a lot of strength in this solution if it comes from the common man’s heart and mind. This is also behavior related hence long term solution. Just like defensive driving.
2) Economic solution is hard to implement cause our behavior does not change, but ways to get around economic enforcement increases. (tax evasion, black market, etc)

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    Dec 14 2012: I think the best solution to tackle emission of CO2 is Awareness.
    Though government impose heavy tax duties on vehicles that are imported from other countries and what ever the price of it may be people are ready to pay for it.They has been growth in consumption rate and it has been increasing year on year.
    India is among top 10 largest production hub for automotive and its going to be the world's largest automotive industry by 2016.In such a scenario the emission of CO2 will increase year on year.Awareness is one of the best solution in order to make people aware of it and try to reduce the consumption of it.
    Automotive is not the only one which results in emission of CO2, they are different sources which even pay path for it.
    Economic solution does even play a active role for it but at the end all that matters is to improve the economic stability of the country which in return act as a contradicting factor.

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