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Donation or Change?

There are two ways to tackle CO2 emissions 1) Awareness 2) Economics
1) I have chosen awareness because there is a lot of strength in this solution if it comes from the common man’s heart and mind. This is also behavior related hence long term solution. Just like defensive driving.
2) Economic solution is hard to implement cause our behavior does not change, but ways to get around economic enforcement increases. (tax evasion, black market, etc)

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    Dec 13 2012: Hello John,
    Lets take an example of a Chevrolet built in US and exported to China for use.

    Well if we start counting the energy spent on manufacturing Chevrolet in US and allocate it to China, then china will need to take more measures to reduce its CO2 emission responsibility. One measure automatically the government would have to take is, to put economic liability on citizens demanding such high energy consuming goods by taxes, etc. People who live in environmentally friendly way, do not have to worry. This would create a mass reduction in imports and also mass reduction is emissions, since demands goes down.

    If we now continue to blame US for producing high energy Chevrolet, the person in China will continue to have its demands and US government cannot tax its own companies for exporting. Hence the problem of emission is not tackled.
    • Dec 13 2012: I see what you mean, however the US, in your example, can have regulations that punish manufacturers who build gas guzzling Chevrolets, regardless of who the car will be sold to in the end.

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