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Conservatism is the ultimate opposition to progress.

A reactionary stance to change limits the potential for progress more than a proactive stance. An example (although not the centre of the argument) being drugs: being reactive i.e placing laws and trying to force the problem backwards wouldn't work as well as allowing the use of drugs within reason and with reasonable restrictions as this would eliminate a source of funding for many of the world's gangs and ultimately increase global security. (Again this example shouldn't be the main focus of the argument/idea)


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    Dec 13 2012: Mike I see you have not posted a bio ..... where are you from so that we could discuss specifics.

    Why have you decided that this must be a good versus evil issue. Mike do you really think that if some drugs are made legal that it will stop illegal drugs from entering a country?

    Here are definations from the web:

    American conservatism: respect for tradition, support of republicanism, "the rule of law and the Christian religion", and a defense of "Western civilization from the challenges of modernist culture and totalitarian governments

    American liberal causes include voting rights for African Americans, abortion rights for women, gay rights and government entitlements such as education and health care. Modern liberalism stands in opposition to Conservatism in the United States on most issues, but its relationship to progressivism is debated. Keynesian economic theory has played a central role in the economic philosophy of modern American liberals. The argument has been that national prosperity requires government management of the macroeconomy, to keep unemployment low, inflation in check, and growth high.

    So once again what is evil about one and good about the other. Of particular importance is the reference to Keynesian economic theory with emphasis on "government management" .... You also need to read on Ben Berneke and his application of this theory while at the Fed

    Mike it makes no difference if you are a conservative, liberal, or (like me) a independent .... a political and economic train wreck looks the same.
    • Dec 13 2012: I haven't posted a bio for a good reason which is that people will automatically make assumptions as to what I think or what my level of knowledge is which irritates me when those who do that judgement can rarely make coherrant argument themselves

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