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What is the biggest problem you want to solve?

I'm an undergraduate electrical engineer. I'll be doing my senior project in less than a year from now. I'd like to hear your comments on the problems you face daily and you really want to solve.

All suggestions will be taken seriously, and I'd love to work on many projects at once.


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  • Dec 14 2012: Fixing people would be my first choice. Removing apathy, installing better education, etc.

    But I too am an Electrical Engineering undergraduate, and I realize that as far as projects go that one is a bit out of our fields. So, something in the field:

    1. Set up a household energy monitoring system.

    This was one I proposed my senior year of high school, but lacked the electronics knowledge to design an actual product. Make products that perform the same function as electrical outlets and switches, but with wireless (induction-based?) sensors that transmit energy consumption data to a hub. Also, make them remotely operable so that home/business owners can shut off or turn on lights on command.

    2. Find a good way to repurpose old desktop computers.

    This one falls more under computer science than EE, but I think a case could be made for it. Find a way to do something either with all the raw materials of the computers or the processing/disk space of older machines.
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      Dec 15 2012: Thanks alot for your response, it was very helpful.

      I guess your first proposal in very practical, and it will go under a project know as "Smart House". By which you can control all of your house using a software app, or by voice using voice recognition systems. The idea of the energy consumption monitor is already in stores, but I guess it's not (wireless).

      Thanks for your comment.

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