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What is the biggest problem you want to solve?

I'm an undergraduate electrical engineer. I'll be doing my senior project in less than a year from now. I'd like to hear your comments on the problems you face daily and you really want to solve.

All suggestions will be taken seriously, and I'd love to work on many projects at once.


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    Gail . 50+

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    Dec 15 2012: I would like people to become self-aware - which is an educational thing. When we are a culture of self-aware people, bloodshed, violence, and the disparity of wealth can finally come to an end.

    On a much smaller scale, and one than an electrical engineer-to-be might be interested in - If I won a huge lottery today, I would find students around the world to find a way for homes to produce free energy sufficient to power a modest home. (Perhaps a hydrogen-on-demand system that would fit in a shed, combined with an inverter to convert the power to the appropriate wattage)

    I lived full-time for many years in a motorhome. My hot-water heater was only 15 gallons, but so well insulated (with propane backup for quick emergency re-heats) that I could turn the heater off in the morning after breakfast dishes and not need to turn it back on until the next morning. No big oven that wasted power. Mine was a microwave/convection. My 350 sq foot home was so efficiently designed that it was much easier to live in than the home I now live in.

    Part of me would love to gut the motorhome of its wonderful devices and build them into the house, but I don't know how much power I would need to generate to run a house, and have been unable to figure that out. I don't know how many hydrogen fuel cells I would need to generate sufficient power. Wouldn't it be wonderful if homes had their own power stations in a shed in their back yards? The oil cartels would be out of our lives and much violence would end. I could use a golf cart or electric car for transportation - and power it from my own power station.
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      Dec 15 2012: That is a very nice idea.

      I was reading a paper on how to generate energy not my Hydrogen cells but rather by walking. Yes, by walking.
      There are specific type of electronic devices used today in electric drums known as "Pizo-electric Transducers", these small circuits generate electricity whenever there is a change on pressure on it. So this can be used in a way to be implanted in the floor, so whenever someone walks over it, it generates electricity that can be stored and used later.
      Think this will be the best project to work on.

      Thanks for your comment.
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        Dec 15 2012: Wow! How fascinating, thanks. Harvesting micro energy sources like this could easily be applied to many, many things. I look forward to studying this today.

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