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What is the biggest problem you want to solve?

I'm an undergraduate electrical engineer. I'll be doing my senior project in less than a year from now. I'd like to hear your comments on the problems you face daily and you really want to solve.

All suggestions will be taken seriously, and I'd love to work on many projects at once.


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    Dec 14 2012: I'm really saddened by the way humans, namely the 'superior beings', resort to violence to achieve their interests and solve misunderstandings. Sometimes I ask such people ' Can animals talk?' They reply with an obvious 'no'. Then, I ask them ' Can we humans communicate and talk amongst ourselves?' They say 'yes'. I go on and say:' Animals unable to communicate, unable to understand, any problem tend to solve their problems using violence and aggressiveness. We humans even after having received the ability to speak and understand problems resort to violence. Tell me then, what is the difference between a human and an animal? ' Violence is something I hate and would like it to be eradicated from the world. The only solution I see to this problem is spreading ideas against violence and invoking a consensus with the people of the world on this matter.

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