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What is the biggest problem you want to solve?

I'm an undergraduate electrical engineer. I'll be doing my senior project in less than a year from now. I'd like to hear your comments on the problems you face daily and you really want to solve.

All suggestions will be taken seriously, and I'd love to work on many projects at once.


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  • Dec 12 2012: Power outages.

    Electrical power is essential to modern everything. Our power infrastructure should be designed and built to deliver electricity always, under any circumstances. A reliable grid is far more important than a smart grid.
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      Dec 12 2012: Excuse my English as it's not my first language.

      What is happening nowadays is that we make generators specifically known as "Synchronous Generators". Once multiple of them are made and are in operation, we then connect all those generates together in parallel. In this manner whenever on of these generators fail, it won't affect the others as they'll keep working. This method is like power sharing.
      The problem comes when a huge catastrophe happens such as Tornadoes and other natural phenomena which kills all/most of the generators at once.

      Will be thinking of a new design for the generators that will solve such a problem.

      Thanks for your comment.
      • Dec 12 2012: The problem is not so much the generators as the fragile delivery system.

        In the USA, most of our high voltage lines are carried on metal towers that are vulnerable to weather and earthquakes. Even more vulnerable are the local lines, carried on wooden electrical poles. These local lines are often cut by falling trees. These methods were a good first draft, but it is time we became serious about a design for reliable delivery.
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          Dec 12 2012: To be honest, I have a report to write on wireless power transmition that is due next Thursday.
          I guess this will be the best solution to our problem, although it needs alot of work to do.

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