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Schools should introduce students to the way Technology functions from the 1st year of their School experience.

Schools should introduce students to the way Technology functions from the 1st year of their School experience, because the world is running toward this area and if one doesn't know even the fundamentals of each and every Technological tool or service, he will certainly be lost in a dark "abyss", isolated from the real world.

How can we implement this idea to every country's schools all over the world?
Help the poor countries? Show solidarity? Leave apart our personal benefits and think for the world?

  • Dec 12 2012: This may be more difficult in practice than in theory.

    Technology is changing so quickly that the lessons of first grade would be obsolete by fourth grade.

    Also, I am not sure it is necessary. Around here, first graders are teaching their grandparents how to use the latest gadgets. The designers target the youngsters because much of the new technology is bought for them as gifts, and they are the purchasers of tomorrow.

    I agree that technology is a big part of today's world, but I am not so sure that technology lessons for young children will be effective and a good investment of their time.
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      Dec 12 2012: That is the reason for why students should be introduced to every technological means from the very beginning, Barry: in order to keep up with all the scientific and technological progress made every day. For example, learning to build up algorithms would be a first stage.

      Moreover, I certainly agree with Faysal Khadim (in the bottom) in that "a person who doesn't feel comfortable with computers is simply illiterate". He will simply not be able to keep up with this new world.

      The word technology derives from the ancient Greek words "Techni" which means art and "Logos" which is the clear statement or speech. In other words, Technology is the science of arts and in my opinion, if we make logical use of technology at schools and not only, nothing can stop us from being creative and making our life incredibly easier.
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    Dec 12 2012: I believe that science and technology education should be theory and practical going hand-in-hand.
    In film school we were treated as filmmakers from the beginning; hands-on approach.
    The facilities for this may result in an increase in education budget; unfortunately, quality education is not cheap.
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    Dec 12 2012: Hello Pavlos,
    I want firstly thank and congrat you for choosing this subject, i was debating recently about technologies functions in moroccan primary schools. I think this is the real reason why morocco and some developing countries nowadays know many students mouvement, and a large stage for demonstrating against the low level of education and school teaching.

    It's and evidence that if we do not express more flexibility with technology we are underdeveloped. An undergraduate student who ignore how to use for example an office software is dead. A person who dont feel confortable with computer is simply " illitrate ".
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    Dec 13 2012: Technology should remain a means to an end and not an end in itself - especially important in 1st year schoolkids.