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Michigans right to work law.

With all of the legislation having been voted on and passed Michigan becomes the 24th state to fall under the right to work law ... when signed.

Schools shut down as teachers played hooky. Teachers held signs shaped like a tombstone that read "here lies democracy" ... hope they did not teach government classes. Should teacher pay be docked for playing hookie? Should this be a issue in the next contract meeting for rehire?

After the vote union members chanted "No justice", "No peace", and "shut it down" ... they failed to explain the meaning.

The dock worker strike in California cost over a billion dollars a day, Hostess demands broke the company, etc .... and now over half of the states have a right to work law.

What do you think ... are union a thing of the past? Are they necessary? Should President Obama have lobbied for the unions against the will of the people of Michigan. Unions are big contributors and campaigners did he have to lobby as a political pay back? What influence does the union have in politics?


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    Dec 12 2012: " First, public employees should never have the right to strike. Public unions can be used to negotiate, but never with the threat to strike. Employees of hospitals should not have the right to strike. Health workers have a higher duty"
    If they have a "higher duty" should they not then have higher pay?
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      Dec 13 2012: If that logioc is cortrect then ministers should be the highest paid of all.
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        Dec 13 2012: I'm an atheist.
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          Dec 13 2012: Sorry being an atheist does not equate to a "higher duty"
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        Dec 13 2012: No, I mean to an atheist a minister doesn't have a "higher duty" he has a delusion, nurses, doctors, paramedics, teachers, police, firefighters etc have a higher duty and a higher responsibility but in my country at least are not very well paid. Doctors can eventually make a fortune as a specialist but from the start of med school to the first time you get specialist rates is about 15 years in our system.
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          Dec 14 2012: Not to be argumentative .. but ... what if a doctor/nurse/etc... believes in God and that God is the highest authority .... could a atheist , in clear conscience, go to this person for assistance or help. By your defination would the Atheist be going to a delusional doctor or nurse. Would or could you trust your health to this delusional person.

          Since 2% of the world claims to be Atheist there is a lot of delusion going on out there.
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        Dec 14 2012: You ask a valid question. My point of view is, if my car needs a good mechanic I don't care if he's a schizophrenic transvestite as long as he's good at fixing cars. I accept that there is a certain level of opertunism in this philosophy.

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