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Do you allow a TV in your childs room

Researchers say those kids may face weight issues, diabetes & heart disease.

Is a TV in the room really the cause?

How do you handle TV in your home.

Do you blame TV for any specific problems?

Is a TV in the room any different than a computer in the room? Cell phone? Video games?

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    Dec 12 2012: give them a tv, but don't give them electric power. give them, though, a dynamo attached to an exercise bike! win!
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    Dec 12 2012: We have never had television in anyone's room. In fact, the culture in this house has been such that no kid here has ever been in front of the television here alone or until evening. My fourteen year old watches no more than 90 minutes of television a week and typically less. My daughters are graduate students and don't watch more than that either.

    We never used television to baby sit. It is an acquired habit we did not have the kids acquire.

    I do think recreational computer use can have the same impact of distracting young people from more productive uses of time. But I believe, again, that one can cultivate a taste for certain kinds of recreation in kids so that they choose well how to spend their time.
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    Dec 12 2012: Hi Robert,

    Lots of skinny kids, as well as skinny adults have tv's in their rooms.

    Inactivity, and poor diet, as well as other issues (emotional, psychological, physical) in my opinion, are the culprits for childhood obesity.

    I just ran across this GMA piece on a 9 year old who weighed nearly 200 pounds, and what her parents did to help her.
    No mention of a tv in the piece, but very eye opening none-the-less.