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The new generation: should we take control?

The previous generations have helpfully created economic and environmental crises which they won't end up having to fix, we will. I'm fed up of the excuses they make up and the attempts to force the world to return to how it was when they were younger because it's never going to be that way and they'll only create more trouble. I think they've had their chance and they've not delivered.


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    Dec 12 2012: Every generation does the best it can. I'm sure the generations after yours will not be happy with every aspect of what you do. Personally, I believe in elder wisdom, that someone who is older than me is probably wiser than me. If I see something they've done that seems wrong, I would ask them why they did it, and probably they'd have a good reason.

    With that said, young people have great ideas too. Young and old should work together.
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      Dec 12 2012: Greg's is an astute observation- that each generation hopes to use its ideas and skills for great good. Some ideas work well and others not. Further, each generation tends to hold in mind a caricature of the values and dispositions of the others- often a negative caricature.

      In fact, there are older people who are wise, older people who are foolish, and older people who are wise about some things and foolish about others.

      Among youth there are those who are thoughtful and open-minded, considering ideas regardless of the mouths from which they come, and there are youth who, with a broad stroke, would dismiss whole generations or categories of people based on not very nuanced views of what a diversity of people may have to offer.

      Greg, I lean toward your view that no one should take control and shove the rest into the dust bin.
      • Dec 13 2012: I don't like making generalisations about any class of people. Talking about historical generations doesn't further this idea because I'm talking about resolving the damage done to the planet and society rather than allowing it to be further damaged by those who currently hold power.
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          Dec 14 2012: Mike, a worthy individual can always step up and take the bat when they come up with a better solution backed with proven track record or necessary qualifications. Many such "next Generation" youths are doing so in many fields today. It is certainly the next generations time to shine, but such positions of power need to be earned not asked for.

          Every generation did the best they could and change the old to new leaving the next to improve upon. And this happens by action and education, not by blame and finger pointing.

          A $10 ticket for a movie gives you an hour and a half of entrtainment. But assuming that you have the right to point mistakes and find flaws is not a worthy cause. But you can certainly write a script and run around the studios to produce your movie and learn what it takes to make a good movie! Step up to the plate!

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