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The new generation: should we take control?

The previous generations have helpfully created economic and environmental crises which they won't end up having to fix, we will. I'm fed up of the excuses they make up and the attempts to force the world to return to how it was when they were younger because it's never going to be that way and they'll only create more trouble. I think they've had their chance and they've not delivered.


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  • Dec 12 2012: I would avoid anything that claims it is the ultimate truth to life. I would say that the youth are much more politicised than the older generation, look at the student protests, the occupy protests and the Arab spring. How many older people are politicised beyond a party allegiance? Experience in these cases (city jobs and politics) is essentially how much you have conformed to the social or political methods or paradigms. It takes a level of non-conformism to be able to critically evaluate the position.

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