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The new generation: should we take control?

The previous generations have helpfully created economic and environmental crises which they won't end up having to fix, we will. I'm fed up of the excuses they make up and the attempts to force the world to return to how it was when they were younger because it's never going to be that way and they'll only create more trouble. I think they've had their chance and they've not delivered.


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  • Dec 12 2012: You don't need some ole fogies asking you what you will do about this and about that,
    and blah, blah, blah, only to try and tell them and then have them either tell you why it won't work,
    dismiss you as being young and naive, or mocking your ideas you have, that may be incredibly
    revolutionary and too bold for them.

    They are dying out soon and the changes are not for them anyway.
    It is going to be your world so take and do it much better and more humanely, after you get rid of them/us.
    Some of them admitted they didn't deliver, one reason being that they fell
    for the same old lies again and again, all the while stumble-bumming their way
    through and then trying to speak down to you as though they know it all, or even a lot.

    It is clear they know nothing and if they did know something, they sure as hell didn't use it,
    fight for it, defend it or keep it around. You will need all the help you can get.

    They will tell you you won't or can't make a difference and that tells you right there they still
    cannot deliver.

    Go for it and remember, the world's resources do not, cannot and should not be up for ownership.
    Ending that is a good place to start otherwise there won't be any for you...wherever you are....
    and you are everyone else.

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