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What is Bernanke's end game?

I have read some talk about his end game being a new world wide currency.



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    Dec 12 2012: Ben Bernanke has opened the Fed's checkbook in an unprecedented fashion, and while he claims to be "saving" the financial system, in reality he is destroying it. He has kept the failed firms afloat, thus preventing the necessary transfers of resources from lower-valued uses to higher-valued uses.

    What ever the end game is the trillions of dollars given to failing efforts and the dollar being debased we are no better off. We are at the point that inflation is about to hit at the same time a depression is upon us. Like your doctor saying do not worry about the deadly disease you have your cancer is eating it up.

    Once again what could have been learned from the failures of Argentinia.

    With the EU in a trumoil, Japan on QE15 (?), the dollar debased, the plans of a universal currency would be like the ultimate goal of Keynesians ... then everone could print money as a solution.

    Austrians = 1 Keynesians = Hope and change = 0

    BONUS QUESTION: Will Bernanke not seek re-election to his post? He has said this ... what do you think. In the last polls of the most powerful people in the world Bernanke was #4 .... the president #8.
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      Dec 12 2012: I'm thinking that Bernanke realizes he is sending the U.S. down the drain at an ever increasing pace. But he is saying it is the only way to finance the irresponsibility of the politicians and the constituents who allow it.

      I think his end game is to institute a new world wide currency, which will be accepted by citizens brought to their knees as in the Wiemar Republic. I'm guessing any dollar wealth will have the same value as green backs at the end of the civil war?

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