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Present democracy is like a verdict by a mob that does not attend a trial. Tribunocracy is a better way.

The single thing the world most needs now is better government. Our present system of mass public elections selecting government leaders and voting on referendum is equivalent to verdicts rendered by jurors that do not attend a trial. Better government requires a better system.

There is growing dissatisfaction with our election process, the role of money, and the ineffective government it produces Nevertheless reverence for the present form of democracy has largely precluded consideration of modifications substantial enough to significantly improve its substance. Tribunocracy is such a modification.

Tribunocracy utilizes Tribunes randomly selected from all the willing eligible potential voters. Like jurors in a court trial the selected Tribunes attend a public trial-like Tribunal Convention before voting. The majority vote of the Tribunes is a proxy for the majority vote of the entire pool of eligible voters. Tribunes serve only briefly, are dismissed after voting and retain no special power.

Tribunocracy reduces the role of money and shallow campaigning.

All Tribunes attend a public trial-like Tribunal Convention, before they vote. Like jurors in a trial, Tribunes are exposed directly to the candidates and testifying parties for hours, over a period of days. Thus it greatly reduces the need and value of paid advertising, and shallow slogan based campaign rhetoric. Dishonest claims, incorrect facts, and shallow arguments will be much less common; because the opposition will have adequate time and opportunity to dispute them by presenting better more persuasive evidence and arguments during the Tribunal Convention.

A quick dramatic change to Tribunocracy is not possible. However its gradual adoption is. Tribunocracy should and will first be introduced and tested in small special limited non-threatening non critical situations. For example, Tribunal Conventions might initially select officials not now elected such as city managers, or judges


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    Dec 13 2012: It does not address the tyranny of a democracy.

    But as stated the core problem is no education on the subject, which would only be addressed in a perfunctory manner with your system.

    The first thing to know, which you have missed, is that there is something to know about this subject.
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      Dec 13 2012: The constitution and guaranteed rights for individuals and minorities does address the tyranny of democracy, and Tribunocracy does nothing to reduce that. For Tribunocracy to be an improvement it does not have to fix everything.

      Attending a jury trial before voting on the quit or innocence of defendant, is arguably only a “perfunctory education” however if you were on trial, do you think it would be important to require jurors attend your trial before they voted?
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        Dec 13 2012: It usurps the Republic by virtue that your "tribunocracy" draws from the majority, which is democrat, with extremely preconceived ideas which are not going to be phased by a perfunctory education.

        The Republic also would go this way if more of the democrats could be bothered to vote but fortunately they aren't. The original intent of the framers was to resolve this problem by giving as much power to the states as the Federal government which included state appointed senators as well as the right to secede as well as 10th amendment.

        As to a jury trial as afforded by the 6th amendment the two are apples and oranges. There are many appeal possibilities and the jury has to decide on a single issue that is presented to them by professionals geared toward the layman and the jury has to be approved by the defense and the prosecution.

        As opposed to an election that can produce such things as Obama care and Frank Dodd and Social Security and Medicare and Sarbanes Oxley that will no doubt be the undoing of the country the problem is that appeal is next to impossible and as you can see last into perpetuity or the demise of the country what ever comes first.

        The problem is an ignorance of government and liberty as a way of life.
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        Dec 17 2012: What is the performance rate of of these juries your speaking about?
        Don't they often send innocent people to jail?

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