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Present democracy is like a verdict by a mob that does not attend a trial. Tribunocracy is a better way.

The single thing the world most needs now is better government. Our present system of mass public elections selecting government leaders and voting on referendum is equivalent to verdicts rendered by jurors that do not attend a trial. Better government requires a better system.

There is growing dissatisfaction with our election process, the role of money, and the ineffective government it produces Nevertheless reverence for the present form of democracy has largely precluded consideration of modifications substantial enough to significantly improve its substance. Tribunocracy is such a modification.

Tribunocracy utilizes Tribunes randomly selected from all the willing eligible potential voters. Like jurors in a court trial the selected Tribunes attend a public trial-like Tribunal Convention before voting. The majority vote of the Tribunes is a proxy for the majority vote of the entire pool of eligible voters. Tribunes serve only briefly, are dismissed after voting and retain no special power.

Tribunocracy reduces the role of money and shallow campaigning.

All Tribunes attend a public trial-like Tribunal Convention, before they vote. Like jurors in a trial, Tribunes are exposed directly to the candidates and testifying parties for hours, over a period of days. Thus it greatly reduces the need and value of paid advertising, and shallow slogan based campaign rhetoric. Dishonest claims, incorrect facts, and shallow arguments will be much less common; because the opposition will have adequate time and opportunity to dispute them by presenting better more persuasive evidence and arguments during the Tribunal Convention.

A quick dramatic change to Tribunocracy is not possible. However its gradual adoption is. Tribunocracy should and will first be introduced and tested in small special limited non-threatening non critical situations. For example, Tribunal Conventions might initially select officials not now elected such as city managers, or judges


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    Dec 12 2012: My knee-jerk reaction was positive. Then I read about your fatalistic view of the American system of voting. The "verdict by a mob" theme does not apply to our current crisis in low voter turnouts. The problem is that eligible voters have been duped into believing their vote does not matter, a theory with which you agree, and are promoting. Every eligible voter has an impact on the outcome of every election. . . some by voting, and some by not voting. QUOTE: "Always vote for priciple, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost."-- John Quincy Adams.
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      Dec 13 2012: Regular citizens chosen at random as jurors in a trial, enhances citizen participation and meaningful democracy. Imagine a system were jurors were replaced by a mob vote were everyone willing to cast a vote even if they were not willing to attend the trial. Would this be a better way to practice democracy? Would it provide us better decision making? Is a jury trial less democratic than trial by mob? Would your contribution to our democracy be lesser or grater if instead of casting votes along with thousands or millions of other voters, you served as a Tribune in a Tribunal Conventions. Are a million votes by a mob, worth more than 12 votes by a jury that attends a full court trial before voting? Is the mob more democratic just because its bigger.
      Noel Akins, yesterday had questions similar to yours and you my find them and my answer in this conversation relevant.
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        Dec 13 2012: I understand your analogy of the absentee juror, but I do not understand how adding another level of representation will solve anything. The legislative process is not the court process. Jurors are jurors and voters are voters. I have read Mr. Akins' comments. The great American experiment is at a low, maybe the lowest ever, ebb right now. You may find the conversation on replacing the Electoral College now pending germane. I appreciate your concern for our nation, but I remain a staunch supporter of our current system as it is. Thanks!

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