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Make Food gardening a curriculum in all schools.

The knowledge of "energy" derived from fresh cut food
is almost lost now due to commercialization.

Food Gardening encompasses all other educational subjects
such as Math for row spacing or distances between plants,Biology
History of Agriculture,Chemistry,and Science with a healthier understanding
of Nutrition and where food actually comes from.
Nutritional awareness and a return to a more healthier or
natural method of farming that increases the fertility of soil rather than
concentrating on just N.P.K . based fertilizers that "mine the soil" of
micro nutrients has created a never ending disastrous cycle that requires
herbicides and pesticides that is poisoning the whole environment.
As a result these chemicals have now accumulated as toxins in
both human beings and farm animals as well as in the soil.
We as human beings on planet earth have reached a saturation level plateau where an increased sensitivity to them is creating a wide range of diseases especially "learning disabilities" that there needs to be a major change.
Having students work together on a School garden in a team effort is every bit as important as is competitive sports or any other form of school sponsored exercise.
Kelp for example is the fastest growing plant in the Ocean and should be
extensively farmed and distributed to every school that has the space to start a school Garden so that students have a source for micro nutrient enriched produce that will invigorate their minds with higher learning capabilities.

The Goal would be to harvest food in the morning cool temperatures for Lunch
and to reduce the sugar or starch laden "dead" foods commonly served.
There is an internal life energy within plants that fades and has dissipated
within hours or days of harvesting that needs to be consumed and utilized before
the food gets processed, frozen or cooked into lifeless produce.
We are walking electrochemical live beings that should be eating LIVE food.

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    Feb 16 2011: Composting the traditional "3 R"s with the newfangled "3 R"s in a bed of actual foodmaking for today's meal ... one of those ideas that, to me, just screams out to become the new pedagogic paradigm!
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    Feb 16 2011: The is definitely a huge disconnect between what people know about food production. Meat doesn't come in a styrofoam and plastic container. It comes from an animal. A better understanding of how food is produced from a first person point of view would be fantastic.