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Creating a website or blog to help young people, particularly in developing nations, learn about and contribute to global sustainability

The world is in dire need of young people who make their living and buying choices based on models of equity, sustainability and compassion

  • Dec 11 2012: Not sure what the question here is but I think that creating another website with this idea in mind is not that great of an idea, what is needed more is to go and help further sites already developed with this purpose in mind.
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      Dec 11 2012: Or at least be sure to check what is already out there of this kind. Adding your energy to make something great may have more social benefit than dividing everyone's energies among all the separate venues with this goal.
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    Dec 20 2012: Once again, thanks for the honesty of your comments guys, which prompted me to do some additional research into the sites and venues you mention. What I envision is a cool, hip, easily digestible site, using the media that kids relate to most, (which is, increasingly, NOT text) and frankly, I have seen few if any really good examples of this. So please, can you provide some examples for me - if I see one/some that meets this criteria, I would be happy to join in. Otherwise, I remain committed to co-creating it!
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    Dec 16 2012: I would tend to agree with the others, that yet another website is not needed. How would your website be different from others that already exist?
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    Dec 12 2012: I'm JUST beginning this process, so not at all sure what form it will take....thanks for the feedback!