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How did the community of India feel about having Sonia Gandhi in congress since she was Italian born?


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    Dec 12 2012: JB as you have no bio, I ask are you from India ... Is there concern over her religion ..... is there concern that she is placing Rahul in leadership positions preping him to follow with the Gandhi name in India's politics ..... as Rajiv's widow ... or as you say simply as a "foreign born".

    Since she is the 12th most powerful person and the 6th most powerful women in the world I would think that the powers that be have already made this decision and that no doubts remain in her political future.
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    Dec 11 2012: there are silly people everywhere
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    Dec 12 2012: Does the last election result in favor of Congress give any indication at all ?
    However I also agree what @Krisztian said below.......
  • Dec 12 2012: Accept what you believe as Robert Winner said in the previous comment Sonia Gandhi is a responsible person.
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    Dec 11 2012: As you elaborate your question with a statement that suggests you already know the answer- that there was controversy, could you provide some links to share your source/evidence with us?