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Will India and Pakistan ever be friends?

If, If no, why not?

  • Dec 15 2012: Indians and Pakistanis are friends. However, its the government establishments which have not been able to provide a room for the friendship to grow and nurture. Hopefully, the friendship between people across the border shall become very strong and supercede the establishments and regimes.
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    Dec 16 2012: Omar, There is always a possibility of friendship between the two countries...the journey might be marred by deep wounds from the past.
    'If ?'
    -by finding a common ground on the Kashmir issue
    -by advocating common interests
    -by minimizing their focus on the armament race between them
    -by not endorsing any form of violence or hatred
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    Dec 25 2012: Yes. We have even seen cat & mouse becoming friends.
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    Dec 19 2012: This is an under viewed TED talk that has a wonderful lesson.

    "One of a dozen Pakistanis who came to TEDIndia (in 2009) despite security hassles entering the country, TED Fellow Asher Hasan shows photos of ordinary Pakistanis that drive home a profound message for citizens of all nations: look beyond disputes, and see the humanity we share."
  • Dec 15 2012: Yes they will be. There are many hurdles and some very serious issues. Fault and blame are mostly on top of the political agendas rather than acknowledgement on the benefits of peace, or even friendship. Politicians use hate as the driving force of their campaigns, encouraging the status quo. There are dirty (if not bloody) hands on both sides.

    That said, some measurable amount of friendship will become unavoidable very soon. Sooner or later the Kashmir issue will have to addressed, either by their own choice or through international pressure. As people, they might be different, but people are different everywhere yet still manage to be civil, if not friendly, with each other. Both cultures share a fondness (if not love) for each others cuisine, music, art, movies/television shows. They have a shared history and suffered through the British occupation together. Economic ties between the two are also improving gradually. Bunched up, this makes for an ideal stirring pot for a very strong friendship.
  • Dec 13 2012: Indians and Pakistanis seem to get along with each other quite well in Europe.

    Both India and Pakistan are run by hooligans who will do whatever it takes to get "power" (i.e. opportunity to swindle money). Pakistan, more so than India. Pakistani politicians and army seem to make some effort to attack India. Indian political parties and terrorists seem to be content with just attacking other Indian citizens.

    Peace? That's not on anyone's agenda. Completely irrelevant.
  • Jan 8 2013: Not unless they can end a cricket match in under a day.
  • Jan 6 2013: Most often such situations are created for political and financial gains - more expenses like bigger budgets for the armies etc, trade channeled thru fewer people and often through a third country. Also this way, the local attentions are diverted that allows for many activities including drugs, terrorism etc. added to this were perceived situations like the Russian and Chinese efforts to access the Indian ocean thru Pakistan that were leveraged to keep the situation escalated. Common man knows that there is nothing to be gained by this proxy war.....
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    Jan 2 2013: As soon as each country gets terrorism under control. As terrorism is what is causing distrust among each other.

    I dont expect Kashmir issue to be resolved ever. Each country has been fighting over it for decades who would want to give it up in future. On funny note, also there is cricket :) !!!
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    Dec 27 2012: May be in the distant future.
    But I am guessing that sooner or later some situation is going to arise that will provoke an all out war between the two nations.
    Then people will get sick if all the hatred and fighting and will try to unite.
    But of course this just one of the many possibilities.
  • Dec 25 2012: The two sides shall unite on their own, the circumstances that shall lead to that are:

    1. Pakistan shall have ruined itself through its own terrorism problems.
    2. Different states in Pakistan shall slowly want to unite with India as India shall remain stable.
    3. This shall then become a trend for the other states to follow.
    4. In a few decades the 2 countries shall have united and thereby have solved the partition problem.

    These events were prophesied by Sri Aurobindo, (Google him if need be)

    Why wait for all these events to occur, we can all start uniting as people at least abroad in western countries....
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    Dec 18 2012: It's very sad, but India's star is rising while Parkinson’s star appears to be plummeting. You ask if the two counties will “ever” be friends - well “forever” is a long time, so lets be hopeful and say Yes, eventually - but when this will be is heard to tell.

    Britain opted for partition over all out civil war - the devils alternative if ever their was one.

    I do wonder if the Sikhs of the Punjab may hold the key to some future reconciliation?
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    Dec 15 2012: It is one country, culture and history divided based on communal strife. Perhaps the partition was one of the most tragic events in history that was overshadowed by the holocaust.

    Indians and Pakistanis are freinds but not as a country. The country and historic developments have got two siblings hugging each other with a political fence in between. If the political environments change from how they are today as indicated by John Frum below, and both stop the hate propaganda in thier own nations perhaps they can have better chances of peace and work towards progress.

    The British left beind a "Divide and Rule" mentality that thrives till date in these countries, internally and externally. But it can certainly change. When people of India and Pakistan sit up and learn from the Arab Spring and take action to force change. Individualistic societies cocooned in the make believe world of dramatic films, glitz and galmor and romantic songs need to get out of their houses and drive social change.

    The odd fact is that the people know this yet are too lazy. There is not enough social strife that will drive people to force change. They have found ways to go around it and live with the situation.
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    Dec 14 2012: Kashmir is the only Indian state with a Muslim majority. When India and Pakistan were created by Britain in 1947, Kashmir was left divided after bitter fighting between the two hostile neighbours. Kashmiris were to have decided in a UN plebiscite whether they wanted to join India or Pakistan. But India never allowed a vote in the two-thirds of Kashmir it controlled. India has long branded Kashmiri separatists as "terrorists" and accused Pakistan of sponsoring "cross-border terrorism."

    The Kunan Poshpora incident occurred on February 23, 1991, when units of the Indian army launched a search and interrogation operation in the village of Kunan Poshpora, located in Kashmir's remote Kupwara District. At least 53 women were allegedly gang raped. Four wars and some undeclared wars have occured ... most are border discrepencies.

    In this case neither government is willing to back down and even UN intervention has not helped. This is like a cancer that will continue to grow ... the most pressing issue now is that each are nuclear capable and any incident could start a war using those weapons.

    When governments cannot allow diplomatic relations to be conducted then the chance of resolution is lessened.
    I do not think friends is a goal .... I do hope that at some point peace talks can be initiated.
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    Dec 12 2012: YES.....but only then when religion and geo political agenda from both and the BIG bosses are being removed
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    Dec 11 2012: Pakistan is moving ever more into poverty and fanaticism.
    India is moving ever more into becoming a superpower and religiously liberal/secularist.
    Its hard to see how the two could be compatible.
  • Jan 11 2013: No...infact no one country in this world is friend with others...they can be at peace, have compromises, pacts..but friends ..never.
  • Jan 7 2013: I fear that a positive relationship between pakistan and India is impossible, because of the nature of Pakistan's existence, which is a separate Islamic state for Indian Muslims. Since its independence, Pakistan's foreign policy has revolved around its conflict with India. For example, in the 1950's, the United States began to develop a relationship with Pakistan in order to bolster its prominence in South Asia during the Cold War. Pakistan expected the US to support them against India. When the US provided support for India after the Sino-Indian War, Pakistan began to develop a closer relationship with China, and took advantage of India's weak control of Kashmir by sending mujahadeen rebels in 1965. Furthermore, their relations worsened with the independence of Bangladesh, where India provided support for the Bangladesh Movement in what was then East Pakistan against the Pakistani military. Then there's also the nuclear situation in both countries, which I think has further damaged the already pretty bad relations between the 2 countries.

    Not only do the various governments in Pakistan's existence have a discontent with India, but the Pakistani people do as well. Their discontent with India has passed the test of time, and even gotten worse since Pakistan's independence. I partially blame the US for this, because of its irresponsible foreign policy in South Asia, which is another example of when a mutual positive relationship only aggravated the 2 countries. The US provided support for India's economy and military, which only angered the Pakistani government and people, worsening relations with the US and India as well. Those are just a few examples of why I think it wouldn't work. So my answer to your question is no, I don't think Pakistan and India could ever have a positive relationship.
  • Jan 6 2013: Over time, nations grow past fighting and eventually put cultural differences aside in order to put their national interests first. Friendship between countries is to not only put cultural differences aside, but is to also unite under common goals and interests (for example trade agreements, cross-border projects, etc.)
    I think India and Pakistan are on the road to friendship. I read an article a few weeks ago about how the Pakistani cabinet approved a much more liberal Pakistani-Indian visa system. It may not be much, but it's a start. It will likely take many more years of these kinds of things before true friendship between the countries is a reality.
    • Jan 9 2013: QUOTE; Over time, nations grow past fighting and eventually put cultural differences aside in order to put their national interests first. UNQUOTE.
      Reed, are you serious, do you really believe this ?
      I don't see any signs of the Brits ever becoming "friends" with othet nations that have natural resources, nor do I see the Yanks or the Israelis even.
      If these nations are an example, how can we expect smaller nations to do what the larger ones willnever even consider ?
      IMHO, if there were less interference in these nations affairs by Western nations, Then they MAY have a chance, but as long as Western nations continue to interfere
  • Jan 6 2013: I think in very near future pakistan and india will become friend.They are spending a lot of their budget on defense, if they become friend they will have more chance to improve there economy.
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    Jan 6 2013: My sincere wish is to take this ted conversation to the world. If conversations like this get discussed, people will know there is more to love and friendship; and there is no use of conflict. Thank you all for your inputs.
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  • Dec 15 2012: No ! Both countries "rajneeti" plays politically with India-Pakistan issue !!
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    Dec 14 2012: P perhaps peace loving indian indovduals and pearce lovin can be g pakistanis can be friends. But not expecting the nations to be friends unless alien invasion.
  • Dec 14 2012: no, because the main cause of formation of partition of pakistan was to make the itself as the rising power in the world.also as india is a secular country, it will not allow any type of religious interference in its affairs and will try keep the religious forces at bay. so as the political ideologies of both the countries is like cross swords. it is unlikekely that they can be friends, unless and until they willl have a german like reunification and change their name as from "sucontinen"t to "nation" and that is unlikely to happen by itself
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    Dec 12 2012: NO , probably they can't mostly because of the kashmir conflict , which is no closer to getting solved than it was 50 years ago
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    Dec 12 2012: i would say, it is not the goal. the goal is that people of pakistan and people of india be friends. like, they would trade and cooperate with each other. or some young guys from pakistan would attend indian universities. and such things. governments does not matter. at least they shouldn't.
    • Dec 14 2012: my friend , for the last 60 yrs, this work has been started on full scale, but now also, there enemity is like the two koreas
  • Dec 12 2012: First , Pakistan themselves have to kill terrorism. Then they can extend their hand to all, where all will be happy to do so.
  • Dec 11 2012: "Will India and Pakistan ever be friends?"

    Yes, when Pakistan becomes so poor and f-ed up that it has to beg India for food aid.