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Will India and Pakistan ever be friends?

If, yes...how. If no, why not?


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  • Dec 15 2012: Yes they will be. There are many hurdles and some very serious issues. Fault and blame are mostly on top of the political agendas rather than acknowledgement on the benefits of peace, or even friendship. Politicians use hate as the driving force of their campaigns, encouraging the status quo. There are dirty (if not bloody) hands on both sides.

    That said, some measurable amount of friendship will become unavoidable very soon. Sooner or later the Kashmir issue will have to addressed, either by their own choice or through international pressure. As people, they might be different, but people are different everywhere yet still manage to be civil, if not friendly, with each other. Both cultures share a fondness (if not love) for each others cuisine, music, art, movies/television shows. They have a shared history and suffered through the British occupation together. Economic ties between the two are also improving gradually. Bunched up, this makes for an ideal stirring pot for a very strong friendship.

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