Omar Wani

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It is possible to empower, employ and direct Youth and their energies in Zones of Conflict. Enough and more evidence from India's Kashmir

Several things keep us going: Aspiring to succeed, making a mark in world, to be known for reasons other than conflict, inspire youth to chart their own destiny. I want to talk about how people from other parts of the world cope with conflict and how Kashmiri youth can learn and inspire from it

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    Dec 13 2012: Hello Omar,

    You are thinking in the right direction. I am Indian too, but born too late to know a lot about the real truth of the situation. I think if the youth of Srinagar take strong steps to bring the Pandit families back to the valley, you will achieve two things.
    1) A diverse environment (see most international companies want their workforce to be diverse, as they have seen the benefits of different minds working for the better of the company)
    2) More hands to help the valley get more solutions and more economic empowerment for education and health.

    Keep your positive energy alive.
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    Jan 6 2013: Thank You