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Government-mandated curricula are degrading our quality of education.

In the United States, teachers are facing a critical inner debate: Should I sacrifice spreading the art of learning for government-mandated curricula? Over the years, teachers have been bombarded with mandate after government mandate telling the teachers the way they should teach, and this is being reflected in their quality of education.


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    Dec 11 2012: The issue isn't the mandate per-se, the issue is that the mandate and the curriculum are dictated by those who shouldn't have the authority to do so.

    Just as Science should be left to Scientists, Education should be left to educators and those at the height of their fields.
    Leaving those unqualified/undeserving of the position to dictate how the system should work is akin to having a handyman design a skyscraper --He's out of his level of competence and it'll all come crashing down eventually.
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      Dec 16 2012: And Legislators should keep to Legislation. So why are Legislators meddling in the realms of Education, which should be left to Educators?

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