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Geomagnetic reversal

A geomagnetic reversal is a change in the Earth's magnetic field such that the positions of magnetic north and magnetic south are interchanged.

This happens about every million yeas the last one 780,000 years ago. Since there is not set schedule this could occur any time.

What consequences could we expect .... How would you prepare ....


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  • Dec 11 2012: The world is like a thermostat.
    Or Chinese balls, where there are balls inside of balls.

    The crust floats and rests on the upper mantel, which in turn floats and moves over the mantle and inside that, those three float and move over the outer core which turns over the inner core of the earth.

    It's almost mechanical like.

    In this way, the earth is designed (why not?) to begin setting its own temperature settings (or pole settings), every so many years or even millennium, or whatever period of time, the thermostat (so-to-speak), has been set to.

    With the changing of the poles, there is always a moment when the viewable begins in earnest and causes extreme storms, volcanic action, earthquakes and so on. The ice caps will melt and places like the Arizona desert, which were once the bottom of the ocean, may become that once more.

    There is certainly a tremendous amount of life in suspended form in the desert grounds, ready to begin life again.
    The same is true in the ice caps, where many different kinds of bacteria (for life) are found, stored in frozen suspension. They will create new life once they are released from their suspension.

    The same is true in volcanic vents, in deep underground caves and also in underground slime that is presently highly toxic.

    Greenland will yield a tremendous amount of resources to support life, once ice-free, as will Antarctica, which has a large land mass, and over 200 mountain ranges, some higher than 16,000 feet.

    Some land masses may be moved back together too, forming larger places for life to bloom.

    The Russian Federation will also yield tremendous amounts of resources to support life but many forms and species, including humans, may not all survive this change, but life, and we are part of life, will, and will grow again.

    Just a thought.

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