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That perspective margins is a better measure of wealth than current monetary based systems

Perspective margins is that which makes one feel poor either by comparison, satiation of reward appreciation or lack of appreciation. Though it is hard to put a number to it, perspective margins is hinged on an emotional response so strong that it takes very little training to verbally report. And unlike money which is a zero sum based unit of wealth, often making it hard or sometimes impossible to acquire in satisying quantities, Pmargins is all about universal empowerment, the idea that one can affect inter and external socio infrastructure framework to regulate Pmargins.

Pmargins have existed a lot longer than money has, in fact money works under the premise of Pmargins. Time is up!!


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  • Dec 16 2012: Pmargins made Our World go round
    Everything in life that man can experience can be broken down into contrasts. The innate ability to make connections between past and present, to make future predictions all stem from something that a lot of us take for granted, consciousness. Consciousness allows us to reflect on intention and premeditate action, it allows one to state fact or opinion, experience essence or the absence of it.

    Though countless artefacts have been uncovered giving us minute glimpses into the minds of our past ancestors, one can never know for sure really, what had happened had happened and as is always with experience, can never truly be be fathomed completely. On the bright side though, what we lack in documentation we can make up through imagination, as it truly matters, at the end of the day, everything is a personal experience.

    I can imagine the earliest of us, just as I can imagine what a cat is thinking, or a dog, or beings of species that we consider "like us", memory, surely they had consciousness, five senses driven by the most basic need of anything, survival. We are social species, even before we knew of the concept. Through nature and nurture, the cycle of culture was passed on through social and some would argue biological means. But just as we do even today, the ability to be conscious of consciousness was not always with us. Any of us upon reflection notice that our memory of our past stops a long way from birth. Babies cry, smile, crawl, stand, walk and talk, and then a couple of years later begin to report consciousness. For more.. visit http://perspectivemargins.blogspot.hk/2012/12/pmargins-made-our-world-go-round.html

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