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That perspective margins is a better measure of wealth than current monetary based systems

Perspective margins is that which makes one feel poor either by comparison, satiation of reward appreciation or lack of appreciation. Though it is hard to put a number to it, perspective margins is hinged on an emotional response so strong that it takes very little training to verbally report. And unlike money which is a zero sum based unit of wealth, often making it hard or sometimes impossible to acquire in satisying quantities, Pmargins is all about universal empowerment, the idea that one can affect inter and external socio infrastructure framework to regulate Pmargins.

Pmargins have existed a lot longer than money has, in fact money works under the premise of Pmargins. Time is up!!


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  • Dec 11 2012: Okay This is a solid point because the cost of living or living well can vary so ;much from country to country.
    • Dec 11 2012: Not only is it the cost of living but rather the perceived cost of living. Pmargins turns the table of focus, because instead of asking how much is the cost of living, the question turns to, what designs lead to better Pmargin. Is a state that provides welfare really good for Pmargin, we all know that being in welfare in the long term beneficial for one's Pmargins. Why can't we make cultivate and make use of everyones' talents being as it is most likely a positive thing for all our Pmargins. The answer, money? People feel like they need to make monetary profit. We don't need to make monetary profit if it means sacrificing Pmargins, after all, isn't it always the experience that counts??

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