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Does social media help tourism?

i wonder how this many connections via social media channels between many people is helping tourist destinations.

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    Dec 10 2012: I wonder how long will it take before people realize that social media is one big advertisment show?

    It's true that thanks to SM it is now cheaper to advertise for everyone, but there is no talking about any kind of equality. Whoever got the money takes it all.

    For me, even if absolutely everything - every bar, gallery, museum etc. - is transfered to/represented in the social media it will always be governed by money and by means of that it will forever be but an electronic advertising catalogue. Just like the one you find in a hotel room. And they are usually useless.
    • Dec 11 2012: If you are going to see only advertising in any kind of social activity you will have really hard times in society.
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        Dec 11 2012: Then maybe I am paranoid?

        No I cannot be. Take a look at what is happening. The advertising companies are using our buddies as their advocates. People click the like buttons here and there and promote thereby a product with their own face. It's immoral and sick.
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    Dec 11 2012: Most people take pictures of the beautiful places they've visited and post it on facebook or twitter or on the others; so many people get to see this. And we all know how powerful pictures are.
    Social media helps in advertising; it does not (in any way) compete with tourist destinations.
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    Dec 10 2012: Social Media does help tourism through
    2.Ease Of Booking which there by helps to improve revenues of businesses of local entrepreneurs and even the government tourism industry.
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    Dec 9 2012: Thanks everyone for the comments..