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Should we travel to find our happiness?

Should we travel to find our happiness? We are often forced to leave loved ones to go to find our happiness, we believe that it still exists in the 'Out There'. From my personal experience, I do not think this is always the case. What do you think?

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    Dec 14 2012: This is one of the strangest thing that amuses me. People from developed nations often travel to the 3rd world countries in search of peace. And return after having met a sage, or encountering various expereinces and some sense of realization of how blessed thay are already with one the understanding that their peace lies within themselves.

    I think some honest self introspection backed with serious efforts to undo any damage they have casued to themselevs and others to the best of their ability will earn them several humbling expereinces that will help people be at peace. The ability to forgive others as we expect others to forgive us will begin the journey within. I do not believe we need to cross femiliar boundries to find somethign that lies well within our reach.
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      Dec 14 2012: Maaher,
      I agree that many times people travel from one place to another seaching for happiness/contentment. It is GREAT when these folks return realizing that peace lies within themselves. I suggest that some folks get excited by what they find elsewhere, and believe it is the place and the people "there" where peace, happiness, contentment is to be "found"!

      I agree that self introspection is needed anywhere, anytime we are seeking contentment. I suggest letting go of expectations of others may be a good place to start any journey. What good does it do to have expectations of others?
    • Dec 14 2012: Why looking for such a high motivation in travelling? I love to travel, meet new persons, sharing experiences, trying good food, visiting new places...
      Of course feel happy and lucky but never thought to travel just to look for my own happiness.
      Happiness has nothing to do with travelling, I think, and hope travelling is not a way to escape unhappiness!

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