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Can the "new aid paradigm" really make a difference to global poverty?

New focus chanelled through the creation of the MGS's, SWAps, budget support, country ownership and a global goal of poverty reduction. Can this really make a difference? Is it that different or more effective to the previous system of SAP's and project aid?

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    Mar 29 2011: MGS's, SWAps, budget support, country ownership
    - Millennium Development goals, Sector Wide Approaches these are parts of the new aid paradigm. New modalities for delivering aid to countries today.
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      Mar 30 2011: thanks for the explanation. to me, these sound like minor tweaks to existing methods. i see no fundamental difference. i see no empowering the people with working capital, which is the only way to progress.
    • Mar 30 2011: Do something about corrupt governments otherwise these are meaningless terms, no different from their myriad predecessors.
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    Mar 29 2011: if the world really wanted to fight poverty ther'd be no poverty.

    Well, it may make a differnce. but the only thing that really would help reduce poverty would be to eliminate the source of poverty right?

    So what is the main reason of poverty? Im glad you asked...

    The main reason of poverty is nothing less then the global economy. Since well a couple of thousand years ago there has been money. People tend to think that money has something to do with economy but this is acctually quite false.

    Economy stands for use of natrual resources (if im not wrong ?) but anyways. If lets say we used the natrual resources better and made them free for everyone, there would be enough resources for everyone. Every person in the world yes. Just look at all the food and other materials that's being thrown away every day from malls, supermarkets. well any kind of sale place. There are endless piles of junk being thrown away never even used that you could divide between every human alive.

    Then there'd be no poverty rright? then why isn't it like this ?

    well you see this all looks good and such but since no one would make any money out of this, it's of the table. because let's face it the world is governed by the greed of power and money.

    That's also the reason we use oil instead of other things like renewable energy such as wind, water and solar power. Because there is no money in these ideas.

    Greed is making most people poor but some poeple rich, and at the same time destroying the very earth we are living on.. now this doesn't seem right in my eyes. well it isn't but the only way to change is if every man woman and child where to stand up against these few "rich" procents of the human species and say. well we dont need your money.

    But sadly even many of the people in poverty has become blinded by this greed of money. And people don't think they can change the world so they just go on living in this thing we call society and never even consider changing it.
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    Mar 27 2011: "MGS's, SWAps, budget support, country ownership"

    what are these things?