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How did you do a lot with the little that you used?

Let's call this an exercise to spread your wisdom, innovation, and creativity.

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  • Jan 5 2013: Conservation for me is an integral part of my lifestyle, and I have been doing it for so long that it is an ingrained habit. I flip over pieces of paper and scratch notes on the back, use the edges of newspaper or junk mail to scribble down phone numbers and, recently, do as much on my tablet that I can without the use of actual paper (grocery lists, appointment calendars, contact information, notes from meetings at work etc. . .). I am even careful to only use as much toilet paper as I actually need to use to get the job done!

    When I cook I use as much of everything as possible - vegetable peelings, fatty trimmings and bones get turned into broth to use in the future - broth freezes beautifully in zipper bags laid flat. If vegetables show signs of going bad, I am quick to chop them up and freeze them as they are easy additions to a variety of meals. Between recycling and using as much of my food as I possibly can, the amount of garbage that my household produces has been dramatically reduced.

    I own very few pieces of clothing or pairs of shoes that did not come from a second hand shop. Also many of my family's household goods, cd's, books, toys and games entered our lives through Goodwill and The Salvation Army. Even the telescope that we use frequently to stargaze from our porch. Once we decide we no longer need something, if it is still useable, it goes right back to Goodwill or another organization so that it can serve again. Clothing that is not fit to be used often finds new life in various art projects. I have taken to recycling old artist's canvas frames and stretching old jeans over them to make a unique surface to create upon.

    Conservation, upcycling and recycling are very connected. It is one of my dreams that someday using everything to the fullest extent possible will again become a common practice.

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