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Housing sex offenders

The latest "cause craze" is that the states are not doing enough to find housing for sex offenders.

There are areas that sex offenders cannot live and they cannot live within 1000 feet of a school. As they must register and file a address this presents a problem for those who cannot find a place to live. Some claim a intersection as their home of record and live the homeless life. Some groups are demanding that the states develop a system for housing convicted sex offenders.

Is this the responsibility of a state?


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    Dec 17 2012: i believe that sexual abuse towards male and female children has been here since ancient Greece and Zeus with his child lover. Yet I did research on child sexuality and THERE IS MUCH CONFLICTING opinions on if children are sexual,whether they desire adult intervention and is it good for them...controversy!!!.!...so academics have no group opinion,obviously porn dosent,nor advertising,nor halloween,with its countless sexy school girls....I would like to say that in fact we say no sex with children....but who clearly states why. Saying NO is not the basis for this action...so what is? I beleive it is that child adult relations are full of adult perceptions of dominance,control,orgasm,ownership,and devoid of conditions for rights in the relationship..children are sexual in a completely different way and will become damage at premature exposure to our heavyily laden sex world...

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