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Housing sex offenders

The latest "cause craze" is that the states are not doing enough to find housing for sex offenders.

There are areas that sex offenders cannot live and they cannot live within 1000 feet of a school. As they must register and file a address this presents a problem for those who cannot find a place to live. Some claim a intersection as their home of record and live the homeless life. Some groups are demanding that the states develop a system for housing convicted sex offenders.

Is this the responsibility of a state?


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  • Dec 10 2012: It should not be the responsabilty of the state. However, in recent years municipalities have zoned out sex offenders limiting where they can and can't live. Like many ex convicts, life after prison is an uphill battle. Sex offenders also have to deal with towns legally telling them where they can and can't live

    If the government can butt in and limit where they can and can't live, they themselves are saying that they should have a hand in these matters.

    It's a big, ugly can of worms that nobody knows how to deal with.

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