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Housing sex offenders

The latest "cause craze" is that the states are not doing enough to find housing for sex offenders.

There are areas that sex offenders cannot live and they cannot live within 1000 feet of a school. As they must register and file a address this presents a problem for those who cannot find a place to live. Some claim a intersection as their home of record and live the homeless life. Some groups are demanding that the states develop a system for housing convicted sex offenders.

Is this the responsibility of a state?


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  • Dec 9 2012: The state tells them they can't live certain places, so they better tell them where they can live. I saw a town in Florida where there was only one little tent camp area where these people could live because everywhere else is near a school, Church, daycare, nursing home etc. If you tell them they can't live anywhere, what are they supposed to do? And I know a lot of people are going to say they should just die etc. Funny those are the people not wanting them near a Church. Nice compassion.
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      Dec 10 2012: I also saw the clip on Miami Tent City. It was part of the article that inspired this conversation. Yes they established a tent city but that was a option as they had plenty of other options. There is a map available of where offenders live in Dade County. As I recall the story stated it was either this camp or a trailer park ran by a offender. That make a great story in the paper and will bring some people to the cause ... but not true. When they report in to their probation officer they give a address ... in some state this address must be approved prior to release. They are also provided with options through counsellors prior to release.

      These people know the rules and requirements. As a former prison employee I can assure you all of this documentation exists in the offenders prison records. Further documentation is also in the probation package.

      The media also knows the rules for a offender but that would not make for a good story.

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