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Debate: Cholesterol medications

if the human brain consist of cholesterol, and there is no proven direct link between cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases. Why would anybody destroy their bodies with this awful cholesterol and statin medications?

We need cholesterol to live. And why is it that almost 100% of alzheimer patients are on Lipitor or Zokcor (sucker) medicine?

There are alternatives to treat plaque in your arteries . Don't treat your sympthoms, find and treat the cause.

Be critical to your doctor with the prescribtion pad. You probably don't need it. Educate yourself you all good people out there.

What do YOU think?

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    Dec 10 2012: yet another case of crackpottery on TED. if you were really interested in this, you would have checked the zillions of sources all around the internet explaining how statins work, and what's wrong with high cholesterol. but no, you don't check those sources, you just "spread the word". shame.