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What occupations in today's society thrives on complete blunt honesty?

When I think of blunt honesty in jobs, I think a critic or an editor. Every other options requires some form of sugar coating, right?

Let's disregard if the blunt honesty is fact or true, but what occupations thrive from this type of environment?

If an occupation doesn't exist, could you fabricate a potential occupation that would need someone to be completely, bluntly honest?

  • Dec 9 2012: Science leaps to mind. Craftsmanship. Librarians. Safety Instructors for anything. Math teachers. Toll takers.
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    Gail .

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    Dec 9 2012: I don't think that such an occupation exists in this country.

    But there was a culture in what is now North America where such a position did exist. The tribal chief, who brought the men into the conclave, spoke honestly about issues - be they personal or tribal. That way there were no secrets. Secrets are a form of dishonesty and they can do great harm.

    But the tribal chief did not depend on money for support or as a way to hold office. He depended on the respect of the tribe, which was only possible through total honesty during the meetings.
    • Dec 9 2012: I'm pretty sure tribal chiefs engaged in politicking, meaning lies. One way to become a chief is to earn the respect of the tribe, another is to get the previous chief deposed by ruining his reputation and then presenting yourself as the alternative. Besides, even a respectable chief would sometimes have lied during negotiations with other tribes or the white man.
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    Dec 9 2012: Artists and scientists.
  • Dec 9 2012: Psychotherapy is the only such occupation that comes to mind.
  • Dec 11 2012: Maybe Tomas and Ted Lover are too close to the truth. It used to irritate some of my legal clients. They would then leave.
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    Dec 10 2012: haha - critics. they peddle blunt opinion.

    a good songwriter would be bluntly honesty. any kind of artist that's any good.

    really, any occupation can deal in honesty. whether it does or not is up to the human occupying it..
  • Dec 9 2012: Undertakers
  • Dec 9 2012: Politicians. Sorry, just couldn't resist
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    Dec 9 2012: Scholarship in any discipline expects that standard. A scholar who is discovered not being completely honest in research procedure and reporting of results is disciplined severely and must expect not to be able to continue in his/her position or to get subsequent employment to do scholarly work. Of course, they may not be fully honest in their personal lives.
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    Dec 9 2012: Men and women of intergrity and character exist in every field; they may be rare (just as precious minerals have to be got from great depths) but they are, and will continue to be.