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Personality is a result of fractured identity. The creation of the soul.

Breaks of the mind, carried on threw out human existence building to the point of the diversity of minds now.
Original primal humans were simple and "soul" less but due to the complexity of the "soulless" brain the mind was able to break or become altered in some way making the first soul, this is then spread (through communication) until the next break occurs in a mind. Finally today the mind is so complex due to the uncountable "broken souls"that we each have an almost unique personality.


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    Dec 9 2012: As every person has a character, we use alternate methods to show our personality.

    We are in this world for only one single reason and that is to build and develop the best possible character we can. We adjust and use our personality to fit in the environment we do want to fit into.
    Our character is the only 'thing' we take with us when our body dies.

    This is our take on the human mind.. I hope it will not break yours :)
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      Dec 9 2012: I am speaking of the origin of character and personality.
      Personality doesn't just arise threw living in an environment, it is developed then exchanged as an optimum personality for an environment. Like evolution the thing needs to be "created" before it is subject to its environment and “evolution”.
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        Dec 9 2012: Hi Zman,
        --"Personality doesn't just arise threw living in an environment,"--
        I agree with you that it is not the environment that is in control. I believe we, every single one of us, is in control of our own personality. Only we can decide for ourselves, as individuals, what to love and what not to.
        --"it is developed then exchanged"--
        What do you mean with "exchanged"?

        Your last sentence seems right-on, to me. I believe there is evolution, but that is a process involving already existing life-forms. Evolution is not a start out of nothing.

        BTW I'm glad you mentioned "created" :)
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          Dec 9 2012: Ya, regardless of how personalities got here, they definitely were "created".
          but to specify my idea of the creation of the soul:
          By creation I mean that it was caused by the break in a complex soulless mind and I believe that personality is similar to the evolution in biology because, as you said the the environment dictates the persons personality. A theory on the origin of the personality. Then after the first personality is made the person then spreads his or her "personality" though interaction with other people and they develop habits and then personalities.
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        Dec 9 2012: --"as you said the the environment dictates the persons personality"--
        I doubt I said that because in the first part the whole point I tried to make is that we are in control, and for a reason.

        Just wondering what you mean with a mind and then a "soulless mind".

        Do you see a purpose in life?
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          Dec 9 2012: "We adjust and use our personality to fit in the environment" therefor the environment dictates who we are.

          A soulless mind is a brain with no specific personalities just a purely functional machine, were as a "soul" is a mind with unique and defining attributes or a self.

          The purpose of life is to live life the way you want, to do that which you enjoy most and to make the world a better place.
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        Dec 10 2012: Hi Zman, I should have made it more clear, that I see our character as we really are, but our personality as how we would like the world to see us.

        --"A soulless mind is a brain with no specific personalities just a purely functional machine,"--
        When is, or was, that?
        I assume you see nothing exists beyond our physical brain, it's electiral connections and the neurons etc.

        --"The purpose of life is to live life the way you want, to do that which you enjoy most and to make the world a better place."--
        So there is nothing wrong with being an alcoholic? Arter all, if that's what someone wants and enjoys most..
        Then why is a character, or personality, so important to you?
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          Dec 10 2012: I think that in order for personality to originate a mind without a "soul" must change (develop in a unique way(as in a mutation)) to a unique mind or perspective generating a unique personality which is then transmitter to other minds through communication and practice.

          Enjoyment is different then sensation. You get a good sensation from alcohol not enjoyment.
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        Dec 10 2012: Sorry Zman I got to get some sleep.

        All the best
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        Dec 11 2012: You said, "the environment dictates the persons personality."

        That's just not true. I am so different from who I was 25 years ago that it cannot be true.

        Why the change? Because I started asking myself new questions and began looking for answers to them.
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          Dec 11 2012: Your knowledge and your soul are separate, your soul is something effected by your knowledge. Think of it like this, your knowledge is something that can effect your perspective by altering your soul.
          This theory speaks of how the origin of "souls" happened and also how the soul complexity developed into the wide expanse of ideas and perspective and such that are open for people to create new perspectives or parts of "souls" which are then introduced into the masses.
          A "fractured mind" is simply how the mind was created without which knowledge wouldn't alter the personality but with which it can.
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        Dec 11 2012: Then to make sense of what you are saying, please define "mind".
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          Dec 11 2012: Just think of the soul as the mind, think of the soul as a collection of old perspectives and ideas and creations created and built up by man over the existence of "souls" and we are people who pick and choose little peaces from this vast ocean making a uniquely complex person from it, and then the uniquely complex mind is open to change from the base mind and the environment.
          Perhaps the unique mind has a unique perspective and base to view reality in a new light and then derives a new perspective.

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