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Why kids lose curiosity in the process of growing up?

Kids are more curious than we adults are. They ask lot of questions which we adult don't and it's is a sign of curiosity. They also try lot of things that we don't. Now why they lose it over time as they grow. Is it a learnt behavior that they learn from "Don't Ask", "Don't Do" phenomenon around them & taking things as granted. Or some neurological changes really happens in the process of growing up?
By stopping asking question or trying new things do we get smarter/wiser or we get dumber ?


Closing Statement from Salim Solaiman

Thanks to all TED members for thier valued contribution and thoughts. There were lot more points on societal reason to be the killer of curiosity but we can't disagree there is biology behind it as well. Good news is that both can be taken care of to keep our future generation curious for longer period and hence supporting to be more creative to solve the challenge of future.

Enjoyed and learnt from you all !!!

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    Mar 31 2011: Firstly, all the children, I've known have a single dream in common and that its adulthood. Thus, one doesnt lose interest of growing, as a fact they wished it would happen the day they were born. Likewise, the struggles that children are faced with today which cause them to be viewed and behaviour negatively, is what might make it appear that youth have lost the interest in growing up. Children fear for their lives, they have no one to truth, love have gone out the door centuries ago, they are seen as less than human to many, they have no rights, they are just aliens within this flesh.

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