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Monotasking: What will it lead the world up to in a decade's time

It is fantastic to note that I've got like-minds in Paolo Cardini, but my fear as a young aspiring entrepreneur, is mono-tasking an equal driven issue particularly in my terrain - Africa. Where costs are high and a large number of the population is insensitive to ideas worth keying into? For example, I'm designing a range of fantastic dress different from the norm as a good graphics designer with bright innovations and ideas and on the other hand I am venturing into educational information technology i.e. teaching student the use of I.T. So how do, you tally both to go together?

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    Dec 8 2012: I think Paolo is dead on. Multitasking is a myth the reality to multitasking is that the gadgets have you trained to react Pavlovian style. Focusing on one task at a time puts you in the drivers seat.

    Focusing is a skill well worth acquiring. It is the starting point even for a creative type. If you don't want to focus you are really saying you don't want to do the task at hand.
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    Dec 9 2012: For a start I think it is better to focus on strengthening the areas of your talents and skills; as your business expands then you may have the capacity to delegate and attract people with the talent and skill that you may not have to your team.
    For businesses, foundations have to be strong, so you can not compromise on focus.
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    Dec 8 2012: I agree entirely with Pat's analysis here, and there is plenty of research to support this view.

    This does not at all mean a person cannot have several projects on his plate. It means, rather, that each deserves concentrated time rather than a mad switching back and forth at short intervals or thinking about one while doing the other.

    One can perform routine functions while doing other things which require thought.