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Would you want to join this platform and help take part in solving global challenges?

I've taken part in creating a concept to solve global challenges, as part of a MSoc.Sc in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. We think that it could gather many people to help solve these challenges, since whatever solution that may emerge is given free to the world and not bounded by corporate interests.

The first challenges we've set out to solve is the continuous non-invasive measurement of glucose level in blood to help the millions of people suffering from diabetes.

We received recognition for our work when it was presented to our professors alongside external business partners and have been asked to present it at Copenhagen Innovation Symposium (https://conference.cbs.dk/index.php/innovation/cis) and Innovation in Mind, Sweden (http://www.innovationinmind.se/).

Do you think it could work and would you want to take part?

You can see our video here:


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  • Dec 10 2012: I really like your ideas, especially the challenge about non invasive meausrement of glucose level in blood, I think this can work, and I would lke to support it as much as I can :)

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