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Personal decisions can be mapped as a point between three positions:Self Preservation, feeling (senses) or Logic (Ethical)

This is a way to describe the statistical action of a person or predictive reaction of a person, if a person acts consistently in a certain relationship between these points it is a high possibility they will continue to do so.
Think of it like a triangular relationship with a point (statistical center) followed by a probability area is surrounded by it (statistical general area of choice).


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    Dec 7 2012: Zman, We do not consistently use all the three criteria when making a personal decision. Even if we do, the 3 criteria will not carry the same weightage...depending on the decision being made. When a criterion is not used, the point will cease to be a statistical center by your definition. Therefore, I feel that a statistical center cannot be mapped consistently.
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      Dec 7 2012: The point of the model is to find a statistical point were the person will react, (the habitual area of consideration). If a point is no longer considered then he likely hood of point a compared to point b still exists.

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