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Change the way we educate our children.

We know that disruptive thinking is one of the best ways to innovate, so why do we work so hard to change that mind set in our children. Let me start when I had this thought. Several years ago I agreed to build (well help build, my 7 year old insisted he would do most of the work) my son a tree house. I started by asking him how he wanted it to look, size, height, etc. At 7 years old it was quite possible that this tree house was going to be two stories, have an elevator, running water, electricity and a throne room (this was his castle phase). Obviously this wasn't going to happen but to see him do what we call thinking out the box was refreshing. Flash forward 8 years and my son no longer thinks like that. Some would call in maturing but at what point is mature to mature. One thing I noticed was the way we educate. It's not here's a problem now how would you solve it, it's this is how you solve this problem now practice. What we lose is the disruptive thinking that leads to great innovation. In giving kids the ability to think freely, innovate and yes fail, we give them what success is built on. I think we need to focus more on letting a child come up with his or her own ideas then explore why they may or may not work. I hear too much of ‘that’s a great idea but let us try this'. What I would like to hear is 'that's a great idea; let us look into that a bit'.

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  • Dec 8 2012: RE: "One thing I noticed was the way we educate. It's not here's a problem now how would you solve it, it's this is how you solve this problem now practice. What we lose is the disruptive thinking that leads to great innovation."

    Okay, how do you innovate history? How does disruptive thinking solve a problem involving history or to get a kid to think on his or her own?

    To me, as a retired marketing manager who created corporate training materials, the answer is by hands on experience. But how does a student get hands on experience with history of the past? That is where innovation comes in. I created a web site that has over 100 interactive Google Maps of Historic Events. Since students of low and middle income levels cannot travel to all the different type of biomes, MyReadingMapped enables students of any income level to experience far-away places and gain an appreciation of the diversity around the world. It enables them to digitally experience famous expeditions like Lewis and Clark, Marco Polo, Alexander the Great and 30+ others while they read read about them in the explorer's own, or historian linked eBook. Each location is quoted and page referenced. Others are linked to Wikipedia pages. They get to go places where history took place, see actual ruins up close, see nature's wonders, follow explorers, see things under the ocean, and see the scenes where masterpieces were painted. They get to see sunken ship sites, ancient cities and ruins, American Revolution and Civil War Battle sites, environmental disasters, train and plane crash sites. Where Republican forms of government are and where the monarchies of antiquity were. See the oldest lighthouses and record holding roller coasters. With the associated Google Earth KMLfiles they can digitally walk the path of famous explorers, climb Mount Everest and K2 following the route of famous mountain climbers. MyReadingMapped makes history relevant to them because they get to digitally experience it.
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      Dec 8 2012: George, Wow. I cant agree enough. I just checked your site and it is truly amazing. You ought to put your Marketing Expereince behind this site if it is not yet getting a million hits from students.

      I belive the midsent to learn and educated oneself needs a change. That is by drawing curious and inquisitive minds to such material and help them learn and see thigs differently. And unfortunately many do not see the learn more as they do not know the what else is out there. Hence the fundamental curriculum needs to be changed.

      I had recently posted an idea on my blog about why people need to learn and pursue quality education or material. I believe that contributiors like yourself play important roles in this process. I will spread the word about your site, perhaps you can spruce it up and make it more approacable to several potential curious minds.

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