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If there is so much aid in developing countries, why poverty is increasing in these regions and the industrialized world?

I'm doing a question for my project. Not only that poverty is increasing in the developing world for the worse, it is increasing in the industrialized world, especially the United States.


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    Dec 27 2012: Mali lost 1.7 per cent of GDP and 8 per cent of export earnings yearly, which amounts to an annual $43m loss to local cotton farmers as a result of U.S. cotton subsidies (Oxfam, 2002: 3-10). Similarly, due to US subsidies, Burkina Faso sustains a yearly loss of $28m; Benin $33m; Cameroon $21m; the Central African Republic $2m; Chad $16m; Côte d’Ivoire $32m; and Togo $16m (Oxfam, 2002:18). The list goes on to include all of the 32 cotton-producing countries in Africa, comprising roughly 30 million cotton farmer in Africa sacrificed for 25 thousand in USA .. .

    In light of this you have people talking about aid not working . . . What a load do rubbish

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