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If there is so much aid in developing countries, why poverty is increasing in these regions and the industrialized world?

I'm doing a question for my project. Not only that poverty is increasing in the developing world for the worse, it is increasing in the industrialized world, especially the United States.


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    Dec 26 2012: Iraq: $4.8 billion ($4.0 billion OCO and $770 million core)
    o $2.0 billion in assistance, including $1.8 billion to fund police training and military assistance programs transitioned from the Department of Defense (DoD). Investments in health, education, and private sector development continue to decline as these programs transition to the Government of Iraq.

    o $2.7 billion in operations funding supports the Embassy and three consulates as well as public outreach programs to strengthen ties with the Iraqi people.

    o This is approximately 10% less than in FY-12.

    Afghanistan: $4.6 billion ($3.2 billion OCO and $1.4 billion core)
    o $2.5 billion in assistance for counterterrorism-related programs, economic growth, reconciliation and reintegration, and capacity building, as well as to support progress in governance, rule of law, counternarcotics, agriculture, health, and education.

    o $2.1 billion supports the expansion of the diplomatic and interagency presence, the extraordinary costs of security in a conflict zone, and public diplomacy programs to build long-lasting bridges with civil society.

    Pakistan: $2.4 billion ($959 million OCO and $1.5 billion core)
    o $2.2 billion in assistance to strengthen democratic and civil institutions that provide a bulwark against extremism, and support joint security and counterterrorism efforts, including $800 million for the Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund.

    o $197 million supports the U.S. government’s civilian presence, as well as programs for engagement with civil society.

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