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If there is so much aid in developing countries, why poverty is increasing in these regions and the industrialized world?

I'm doing a question for my project. Not only that poverty is increasing in the developing world for the worse, it is increasing in the industrialized world, especially the United States.


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    Dec 10 2012: I don't think any of these places have population control or any sort of living standards. So we can build structure...it just wont stand for very long. I don't think we can just walk in and out. These changes take generations to fix.

    We also need to really focus on how much aid is being given for "charity" and how much is actually structured aid that helps in long-term development.

    So I guess the question is...are we setting up systems or just throwing money around? I think its important to give aid, but also consider how to enable that country to survive on its own.

    We may need a huge push of resources to these areas. However, I think that would take a global focus, and we are a little too busy at the moment.

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