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If there is so much aid in developing countries, why poverty is increasing in these regions and the industrialized world?

I'm doing a question for my project. Not only that poverty is increasing in the developing world for the worse, it is increasing in the industrialized world, especially the United States.


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  • Dec 9 2012: "TED LOVER" hit it the nail on the head so I won't be redundant. People have accepted the monetary system as the gospel but when 30,000 people die of starvation everyday you can't say with a straight face that the current system works. The economic philosophies of John Locke and Adam Smith which are the foundations of the so called "Free Market" system are just that, Philosophies. Subject to improvement and standing the test of time. Philosophies can become obsolete. The problem is not limited resources. We have the resources and technology to feed, house and clothe everybody on the planet. The problem is that in a monetary system efficiency, sustainability, and abundance are enemies of profit. Scarcity is necessary to make goods valuable. The Zeitgeist documentary series part on economics actually does a good job of explaining why we have the system we have. Breaking the status quo is a threat to the establishment and many people's livelihoods. Because of this positive change will occur but at a slow pace unless a traumatic event forces us to rethink our whole belief system.

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