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Do you define what is "right" by what society deems ok, by what suits you, or by a higher cause?

Do you define it by whats "best" and not just whats best for you?

And do you find evil acceptable if the perpetrator didnt know what they did was wrong?


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  • Dec 17 2012: I think there is an important lesson u can learn. That good and bad is the smae thing. for instance if u shoot someone that could be bad but the same action could also be good if your a soldier or a cop. the same action different depening on the context so good and bad is essential the same thing.
    When people do bad things or things considered not allowed. Others have tendencies of pushin them away. We "brand" them criminals and we blame them for badness. But really they are people just like us. During world war 2 germans voted for nazis yet many blame hitler instead of gemrany. They blame one man for persuading an entire country thats absurd. but germans today are not evil. that dousnt mean they couldnt do bad things.

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