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Do you define what is "right" by what society deems ok, by what suits you, or by a higher cause?

Do you define it by whats "best" and not just whats best for you?

And do you find evil acceptable if the perpetrator didnt know what they did was wrong?


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  • Dec 13 2012: Once I realized that all I had ever been taught were lies,
    I decided I would listen to myself.

    The world society is so messed up, mentally ill or outright insane, that they don't know what is right anymore.
    In fact, the rules of right and wrong, are wrong, proving that most who try and live by them are insane, because they don't know the difference between right and wrong.

    If right, whatever that might be, is right, then it already is a higher cause.
    Because we as an animal, don't love, then love to me, is also a higher cause.
    Cause, if I don't really know what the right thing is to do,
    then I can do "a" or "the" loving thing, and it will all work out.

    What ever one believes in, comes down to whether or not they are going to trust it.
    If they are going to trust it, then it makes no sense to worry about it.

    Worrying shows one doesn't really trust it, and it makes no sense to believe in something that one ultimately doesn't trust, absolutely, completely and with total abandon.

    One must come to know who they are though, before they can really choose what they believe.
    For instance, take Christians.
    Christianity is based upon forgiveness. Something they apparently highly dislike doing or meting out.
    This is clear to me because the tomb of Jesus was empty, meaning his body, or He, for humanity, was freed from death.
    Otherwise, his body would have been found in the cave, or whatever it was, when the witnesses for humanity showed up.
    Thus, all that humans could possibly do from then on, has already been forgiven. Doesn't matter what it is.
    This must be the reason that Christians love to kill today just as they have throughout history.
    Because all has already been forgiven.

    What might be evil however, is that Christians, along with some other religions, want to destroy the human spirit.
    Now that, I find to be evil.

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