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Do you define what is "right" by what society deems ok, by what suits you, or by a higher cause?

Do you define it by whats "best" and not just whats best for you?

And do you find evil acceptable if the perpetrator didnt know what they did was wrong?


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    Dec 7 2012: I think the answer to this question depends on where you're asking it and to whom. There are so many factors, such as one's own culture, society, religion, etc. that influence the way a person will answer this question. I think the most important factor in determining what is right lies within us. If society encourages something that in your opinion, is immoral, it will not sit right with you. I think there are one of two ways that a person reacts to this: They either question it and do nothing about it (conform to society or simply remain quiet) or they actively try to change it. It's kind of like the concept of witnessing a crime take place, but not reporting it. That makes you just as much of a criminal as the person that committed the crime! So, to answer your question, I suppose it's a mix of factors that influence our own morality. While society's actions influence our own behaviors, if these actions do not sit well within us, we are less likely to go along with them. And of course there's the concept of a higher cause that influences much of our own morality. I believe that once people realize that we are all "one", we are all part of this "higher cause" that it influences the way that we treat other people. If we are all "one", we should treat everyone with the same respect that we treat ourselves. Although, of course, there are the people who can't even respect themselves, which I'm sure has a huge influence on the way they treat others, as well.

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